Large sandy beaches in Algonquin?

A long sandy beach that stretch out from shoreline for hundreds of feet in shallow water.

Where you say?  Florida?

Nope, try the backcountry of Algonquin Park and beautiful Bice Lake.  Add this lake and the campsites #10 or #11 to your camping plans for next year.  Just make sure not to hog it for yourself, if we are paddling by!

Sandy beach in Algonquin Park

Hoping the summer never ends!

2012 Ironman World Championship

A few images of the pros from this years race in Kona.

Pete Jacobs at 2012 Ironman World Championship

2012 Ironman World Champ Peter Jacobs on the run to the finish line.

Leanda Cave 2012 Ironman World Champ The life of 2012 Ironman World Champ Leanda Cave Read the full post »

A Beautiful Morning on the Big Island of Hawaii

Morning sunlight on the Big Island of Hawaii

Darwin Award winners from Ironman Kona

Ironman Kona Wave Blast

The meca of triathlons is the Ironman world championships in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Everyone heads down around 5am to jostle for position to watch the swim start at the Kona pier.

These Darwin award winners thought the wave break wall at the pier would be a great place to set up camp.  Can you spot the nice Canon 70-200m lens that is getting a nice salt bath?


Spring Runoff from Garibaldi Provincial Park

Hidden stream from Garibaldi Provincial Park

The back-roads around BC are full of hidden little gems and who says you can’t shoot it the rain. Found this spot on the drive up to Whistler and had to keep huddled under a large umbrella.

Drifting at Neys Provincial Park

Driftwood at Neys Provincial Park

Along the north shore of Lake Superior is one of my favorite Ontario parks; Neys Provincial Park.  The park was visited frequently by The Group of  Seven and has a great mix of Canadian northern ruggedness, sandy beaches and lots of driftwood.

More information on Neys can be found at:


Albion Falls

Albion Falls near the city of waterfalls - Hamilton, Ontario

Albion Falls near Hamilton, ON – the City of Waterfalls.

Driftwood at Long Point Provincial Park

Driftwood at Long Point Provincial ParkDriftwood on the beautiful sandy beaches of Long Point Provincial Park. Long Point is located on the northwest shore of Lake Erie and is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.
More information on the park can be found at

Pumped for the Olympics

Simon Whitfield at 2008 World Championships in Vancouver, BC


Getting pumped for the start of the Olympics.  Best of luck to Simon Whitfield and the rest of the Canadian team.  Above is one of my favorite shots of Simon diving for the finish line at the 2008 World Championships in Vancouver, BC.

The Spectacular Brandywine Meadows

The Brandywine Meadows

The spectacular Brandywine Meadows near Whistler, BC. An extremely difficult yet rewarding hike. More details on the trail to come.