Garibaldi Springs – BC Magazine’s 2013 Top Nature Image

Spring runoff in the forest

Photo by Justin Fabian – Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Creative Commons

I was pleased to find out that my image Garibaldi Springs was selected by BC Magazine as their top nature image this year.  You can check out this image in the September/October issue of the magazine.

This image was taken using film, so lots of old school details below.

The location was north of Squamish off the Sea to Sky. I was travelling up to Whistler, April 2009, to work on a book project, Whistler: An Outdoor Paradise, and was just exploring on the drive up.  The weather was off and on, but when I got to this location it was actually raining fairly hard.  However, the soft light was incredible; producing all the saturated colors in the image.  The combination of the two streams converging and the saturated colors are what caught my eye.


Spring Runoff from Garibaldi Provincial Park

Hidden stream from Garibaldi Provincial Park

The back-roads around BC are full of hidden little gems and who says you can’t shoot it the rain. Found this spot on the drive up to Whistler and had to keep huddled under a large umbrella.

The Spectacular Brandywine Meadows

The Brandywine Meadows

The spectacular Brandywine Meadows near Whistler, BC. An extremely difficult yet rewarding hike. More details on the trail to come.

Twins in Kootenay National Park

White Tailed deer fawn haning out at natural salt lick.

Along Hwy 93 in Kootenay National Park there are a number of natural salt deposits where wildlife like to hang out.  Here are a pair of white tailed deer fawns at one of these locations.  The spots help camouflage the fawns among the flowers.

Upper Joffre Lake, BC