Large sandy beaches in Algonquin?

A long sandy beach that stretch out from shoreline for hundreds of feet in shallow water.

Where you say?  Florida?

Nope, try the backcountry of Algonquin Park and beautiful Bice Lake.  Add this lake and the campsites #10 or #11 to your camping plans for next year.  Just make sure not to hog it for yourself, if we are paddling by!

Sandy beach in Algonquin Park

Hoping the summer never ends!


The Spectacular Brandywine Meadows

The Brandywine Meadows

The spectacular Brandywine Meadows near Whistler, BC. An extremely difficult yet rewarding hike. More details on the trail to come.

Rights of passage – The cottage rope swing

Nothing like the adrenaline rush of a rope swing launch into the cool refreshing water of the Muskoka River, Ontario